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Jason Paige

Graphic Designer

As a former clarinetist with Latitude 49, Jason Paige is an avid supporter of contemporary music and the creators behind it. Paige grew up in Texas where his passion for music flourished quickly and through the love and support of his family. He holds a BM from Oklahoma City University, an MM from Michigan State University, and a DMA from University of Michigan, where he first met the members of Latitude. Jason joined the group in 2012 when the ensemble was still very young and not much more than a student project. After joining the Navy as a musician in 2017, Musician Third Class Paige left the group as a clarinetist, but continues to actively participate as a board member and annual donor. His contributions to the group go beyond the music as he serves on the board as well as provides designs for posters, website, album art, and photography. You can hear MU3 Paige on Latitude’s first album, “Curious Minds” alongside the board president, Jacobsen Woollen. Outside of Latitude, Paige is an avid cyclist, photog, music engraver, and cat lover.


Jason Paige
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